Setting Up Your First eCommerce Business for Less than $100
August 7, 2016

As most of you know might already know, SEO and online marketing is my main career. I get to deal with 100’s of clients on a weekly basis that are struggling to maintain a solid income stream online. I have had the pleasure to see people going from “Rags to Riches” by getting their business rank on page 1 on Google for their main keywords.

I strongly suggest that everyone would have their own online business, and I am pretty sure that many people feel lost/unsure on how to start.

Without further adieu, here are a couple of methods to get you started in making a decent buck online with zero investment!

1. Online Survey Websites

If your main aim is make a quick couple of dollars a day, then this is the ideal way to get started. Many businesses rely on surveys in order to improve their services and improve their customer satisfaction.

The downside of this method is that it will not guarantee you heaps of money as I just stated, just a quick couple of bucks. The second downside is that the internet is full of scam survey websites that promise high payouts, but fail to deliver. So be cautious by choosing the genuine ones that actually do pay.

Here are a couple of online survey websites that I would personally recommend (Please use the comment box below to include ones that worked for you):

2. Are you into Photography? Maybe you should sell your photos online!

With the steep increase in online businesses launching everyday and the growing multi-billion advertising industry, comes a huge demand for original media!

If you have some creativity on taking good shots, you can actually make a decent income by selling/renting your photos to stock photography websites. Keep in mind that stock photography websites are quite picky when approving photos, but you always have a second and third chance to take better picutres and have them uploaded again.

Here are the best companies to choose from to sell your photographic material:

3. Micro Jobs (Pay Per Task Jobs)

As the name clearly states, there are websites out there that pay you for small and very simple tasks such as liking a post on Facebook, commenting on a YouTube video or downloading an App from Google/Apple store.

You can make anywhere from 10 cents for liking a specific post on Facebook to a bit over a dollar for simply downloading an app on your phone.

This is the easiest way to make a couple of daily bucks with no need of creativity.

Here are a couple of websites to get you started:

4. YouTube

YouTube pays an average of $1.30 per 1000 views on any video (This amount will differ based on demographics)

If you have good creativity and research skills, then you are ready to get started on making some killer videos that have a high potential on going viral.

Having a successful channel requires a lot of effort and dedication. It only requires one video to go viral before you start getting a high surge of views/subscribers that will take your YouTube channel to a whole new level.

Many YouTubers are making $40,000+ monthly income just being uploading new videos and maintaining their subscribers satisfaction with great content. Here are a couple of YouTube Channel popular ideas that you can do yourself:

– Game Reviews/Walkthroughs
– Unboxing Products
– Fact Slideshows (Narrated or Non-Narated)
– Vlogs (Videos of yourself doing everyday stuff with good YouTube title baits could make you a YouTube celebrity)

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the biggest income streams for internet marketers. In affiliate marketing, you basically sell someone else’s product for a commission (Commissions can be anywhere between 10-75% of the product cost)

So you may be wondering why the hell on earth would anyone pay someone 75% as a commission for his product to get sold. The answer is basically due to the blessing of technology where digital deliveries are 100% free, so the product producer basically makes 25% out of thin air and that makes this a win-win situation.

One of my favority affiliate marketplaces is

6. CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA is very similar to Affiliate Marketing, but someone does not need to purchase something in order for you to take commissions. CPA offers are very diverse and you can earn simply by:

– Opt-in emails (You can get paid anywhere from $0.05-$0.25 for each email submit)
– Having people fill in Credit Card/Insurance quote forms. (You can get paid anywhere from $35-$200 per submit)
– Get people to purchase free trials (Some CPA offers basically provide you with a free trial offer to promote. Whenever you get a lead, someone to try this trial offer, you will be getting anywhere between $20-60 and usually the customer only needs to pay for shipping and handling fees which are usually around $6)

The best CPA companies I personally use:

7. Fiverr (Sell any service for $5.00 or more)

Now think of the thing you do the best, and you can simply sell it as a service (aka GIG) for $5.00 or more on

There are top sellers on Fiverr raking in 5 figures of profit every week for really simple tasks, that they do better than anyone else.

  • Here are a couple of ideas for gigs you can do on Fiverr:
  • Have a good voice? Maybe you can offer a gig for a customized Birthday Song.
  • Good at photo editing? You can offer a photo editing gig
  • Good at web design? You can offer logo/website design services on Fiverr for anywhere between $5-$300
  • Do you have a powerful PC with good GPUs? You can offer 3D Studio Max, Maya or similar software rendering services.
  • Are you good/unique looking and have a decent webcam/camera? You can offer video reviews where you will simply read out a specific script for someone on video.
  • Do you have a unique voice? You can offer a voice over service. (People charge $5.00 for 30-50 words of content)
  • Are you bi-lingual? You can offer translation services both ways (From your language to English and vise versa)

There are literally over 1,000 different gig types you can offer. I just gave you the above list to freshen up your mind on where to get started.

So the above are basically a few methods to make a killing online. You have no excuse to be broke as the potential to make a very decent income is high! The internet is booming and earning potential is growing at an exponential rate. Is it too late to start today?? Definitely NOT!

Good luck 🙂 Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions, tips or advice.

See you in my next post.

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